As of late, I keep dwelling on my past travels as if they were a dream.

Little moments, fragments, of my life that keep replaying as a nostalgic reel. I find myself getting caught up in a moment. Little moments that seemed quite futile at the time. But to my surprise, they still sit fresh in my heart, like it just happened yesterday.

All I can do is sheepishly smile to myself because it did happen…and soon, more is about to happen. This thought is what currently holds me together.


Glacier National Park, Montana U.S.A.



Telluride | CO

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We ran out of gas, rolled up in neutral, waited for this van to pull out of a spot then pushed our van in. We surfed for hours till some friends brought us a few gallons of gas. I will never forget these days. Everything is an adventure, a test of your wit, and adds riches to your memory bank. The road and the times spent on it are the most meaningful. The things that I define myself by and that I dream of every night reflect my days without a home and without destination or a tangible end.

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Log & Twinny

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Niarbyl, Isle of Man

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Devils Castle free climb.

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Escapism or contemplation of the real, you choose

Hatcher Pass, Alaska